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  • Professional Websites
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Our Services

Caledon Fire Website design and hosting solutions. Whether you need a one page website or a large interactive CMS solution, we can provide extensive individual customization.

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  • Managed Backups One of the single most important services we offer!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Get results with the leading search engines!
  • Custom Plugins Social Media, News Feeds, Photo Gallery, Online Calendars and more!

Professional Websites

Built on Open Source CMS, content management systems. With flexible and intuitive features and functions, we can incoporate a wide spectrum of website plugins.

Software security is one of our main priorities. CMS allows us to stay updated on the newest software code.

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  • Domain Names
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Social Media

Domain Names

Picking a domain name can be difficult. Choose something original and unique. It should be easy to spell and easy to remember. Try your best to keep it short as possible. Avoid hyphens and numbers, as these can be difficult to remember.

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Analytics Reporting

These reports can give you vital information about your website. Visitors, people visiting your site, Traffic Sources, how visitors found your site, Maps, where your visitors are geographically, Content, what your visitors read on your site, and much more.

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Search Engine Optimization

This is a process of providing or improving search engine results of a website or webpage. Keep in mind no one can guarantee you a number one ranking on google search. Even Google Advertising will not have any effect on your websites presence in a search.

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Social Media

Very powerful tools when used correctly. Before starting your social media connections ask yourself a few important questions. What do you have to offer and what is your target audience? Ensure to have content before you engage friends, family and colleages.

Social Media for your business should be about building relationships with people and not necessarily about promoting your product or service.

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