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Website Development

In todays electronic world, your website could be the first touch with your potential customers. This is why a powerful elegant website is important. Our attention to detail and personal one on one consulting makes the difference. We take the time to understand your business objectives and strategies in order to develop a website that captivates your target audience.

To stay up with the latest software and tools we build our websites on a popular Open Source CMS, content management system. With flexible and intuitive features and functions, we can incoporate a wide spectrum of website plugins.

Domain Names

  • Picking a domain name can be difficult. Choose something original and unique. It should be easy to spell and easy to remember. Try your best to keep it short as possible.
  • Try to avoid hyphens and numbers, as these can be difficult to remember.


Whether you need a new domain name or would like to move your domain, we can help you to make informed decisions.

Performance Hosting

Most host providors use SATA hard disks. While these hard disks offer a lower cost; when hosting dynamic applications that depend on fast MySQL database queries and fast PHP rendering times, the only unbeatable solution is Serial Attached Storage.

We utilize high performance Serial Attached Storage (SAN) arrays with Solid State Drives (SSDs). In addition, our Web Application Firewall prevents common CSS and SQL injection attacks.

Additional security benefits included are SSL certificates. This enables your site to have an HTTPS address, which can also have advantages to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We also provide redundant servers. If any server experiences a hardware failure then your site will automatically failover to a backup standby server and be back online.

Making your website load as fast as possible is our goal!

Email Services

With our hosting services you can also have your own email address linked to your domain name. We offer webmail and POP3 or IMAP4 integration with multiple mail clients (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and more).

Webmail is available on three webmail systems. This enables you to check your email from any web browser without the need to install a mail client.

SMTP Access is available on multiple ports. This enables access even when your ISP blocks the standard port.

Email Forwarders to point to any email account created or pointing to any external email address.

Auto Responders delivers an automated response to anyone that sends you an email. This is useful when you are away from the office or on vacation.

Access email with your smartphone device.